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Hey, I’m Latrisha, A Virtual Assistant for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

I’m a virtual assistant who provides social media marketing, content creation, and graphic design services to small businesses and entrepreneurs who need help with consistently marketing their business online through social media and content marketing.

I have a proven track record of helping my clients with increasing online sales, generating qualified leads for new offers, increased email list growth by over 75% in less than 90-days, and consistent website traffic growth and overall brand awareness.

I started my freelance journey in January of 2018 when I lost what was the dream job out of nowhere. I wanted to get another job but my husband pushed me to go all in with this business that I had very slowly been building on the side for quite some time. And, I’m so glad that he did. Within 2 months of launching, I was making $5k per month in my business and it’s continued to grow along the way.

As my business continued to grow, I started paying attention to the clients that I was attracting and I noticed that the clients that were coming to me all had the same problem across the board. They wanted to launch new offers to a community waiting for their next thing, build stronger relationships with their clients and customers, and diversify the income coming into their business. But, they didn’t have the time do this.

So, I quickly became the woman to help them do just that! But, after working with clients for a while to get the backend tasks done to launch their new offers into the world, I noticed that the questions they started to ask me were more about the strategy behind the things they wanted to do and not just the doing and implementation of these things. And that’s when my business completely changed.

I went from just the doing of tasks to help my clients scale their businesses online to being their marketing and strategy mastermind behind all of their launches, program and product offerings, and overall online business growth. I had found my sweet spot and that’s where we are today. I not only help my clients implement amazing content and social media marketing strategies but I also help them put a strategy behind the things that we work on so that they know why we’re doing certain things.

Through my business and content that I share on my blog, YouTube channel, and podcast, I share the exact strategies that I use to help my clients grow their businesses online, what the behind-the-scenes life of being a full-time entrepreneur, mom, and wife is really like, and so much more.

Whether you want to know how to balance motherhood with entrepreneurship, the latest updates on Instagram, or need a quick tip for growing your business, I’ve got you covered here on the blog.

When I’m not working with clients in their business, you can definitely find me playing games with my family – we love board games and combat games, hanging out with our two puppies who truly do give me a run for my money, or enjoying the food at our latest new restaurant discovery.

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