3 Things You Can Do To Prepare for Hiring A Virtual Assistant

When you decide that you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant, there are some things that you need to prepare for hiring a virtual assistant. Here are the 3 major things you’ll need ready. #virtualassistant #asanavstrello #smallbusiness #teambuilding #hiringava #automation #creativeentrepreneurWhen you decide to hire a virtual assistant, it’s the best time for you to actually prepare for hiring a virtual assistant. Yes, there are definitely some things on your end that you need to have ready so that your new team member can hit the ground running when you start working together. The more preparing that you do on your end, the easier it will be for you to hand things over to your new team member. That’s why today, I want to tell you about the 3 things you can do to prepare for hiring a virtual assistant.

These are things that I think are sometimes overlooked but have such a huge impact on pretty much every task that you will have your virtual assistant working on for you. So, carving out some time to get these things organized beforehand will save you a big headache. And, even if you’re not quite ready to bring on a team member just yet, starting to work on these things now will have you even more prepared when that time does come to hire someone.

1 | Logins and Important Accounts

One of my biggest frustrations, when I start working with a new client, is having to constantly ask them for logins that they either didn’t know they had or don’t have a clue on what the logins are. Because I do a lot of tech tasks for my clients it’s pretty hard to do techie tasks when you can’t get into the systems that you need to do the work.

And, it really slows my clients down when they have to do a million (okay, maybe not a million but it feels that way) password resets. Make things easier on yourself and your new virtual assistant by getting your logins and important accounts all together right now. Trust me, you’ll both be very thankful in the future!

2 | Processes and Procedures

Working with a virtual assistant will help you to get organized and document a lot of the processes that you didn’t even know that you had or needed to have. But, it doesn’t hurt for you to start documenting what you do in your business and how you do things. It’s easier for your virtual assistant to help you streamline and course correct what they already know is not working as smooth as it should be.

So, as you work on various tasks in your business consider writing down the steps that you to take to get it done. Or even better, record your screen using something like Loom to show exactly what you’re doing. Then, you can compile all of the processes that you’ve documented in one place for your virtual assistant. Once you have this, they can comb through everything that you’re doing and share with you what needs fixing and what can be let go of.

3 | Brand and Business Information

If you’re going to have your virtual assistant creating things for you, such as graphics, documents, etc., you need to make sure that you’ve got all of your brand documents together for them to follow. A key piece of marketing your business online is to make sure that your brand is consistent across all of the different platforms that you’re on. You want to make sure that your assistant knows which fonts you use for your brand and how they’re used. You also want them to know what colors you use for your brand when to use them when creating things for you.

In addition to the fonts and colors that you use, any other important brand elements that your assistant needs to know should be given to them as well. I recommend using something like a shared Google Drive folder to keep everything together for you. If you’ve had your brand professionally designed by someone then they should have supplied you with something like a brand board or a style guide once your brand design was completed. You can easily share that document with your virtual assistant and they should be able to take things from there.

So, these are some things that you need to consider working on now so that you can have them in place when your new virtual assistant starts working with you. Having these things in place will make it so that your virtual assistant can hit the ground running when you two start to work together.

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