hey, i'm latrisha jacobs!

Digital tech manager and graphic designer

For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

my purpose when we work together

I help my clients build brands and online marketing strategies that have a purpose. A purpose to help you help your ideal clients and customers to live better, be better, and do better. A purpose to help you fulfill your life’s work and mission. And a purpose to help you build a more fulfilling and profitable business online.

Everything that we create and work on together has a purpose and an intention behind it. We don’t create just to create. We create to get you results in your business and to create the business that you truly want to have.

No matter how crazy your mission or vision for your business may seem, it’s most definitely possible for us to bring it to life together!

How i help grow your business and uplevel your profits as your digital tech manager and graphic designer…

I help my clients to consistently grow their businesses online so that they can increase visibility of their brand, sell more of their products and services, and leverage the power of online marketing for their business by providing them with digital tech management services and design.

I don’t believe in taking a cookie-cutter approach to help you grow your business. There is no one-size-fits-all when we work together inside of your business and on your marketing. I know that you’ve created your business to be unique and to stand out. Now is not the time to undo all of your efforts by trying to fit your marketing and business into a box that works for everyone.

When I work with my clients, we take a strategy first approach to getting things organized, streamlined, and growing. We start by getting clear on what your goals are and why you haven’t hit them yet. Then we figure out what the best avenues will be to help you get there. This way you get a tailored action plan and the right support for your business.

Once we have your plan in place, then that’s when I get to work. In addition to helping you with the strategy that you need to hit your goals, I also help with the implementation of everything. You’ll know that everything is getting done exactly as it should be.

why i do what i do

to help you grow your business...

I believe that our time is the most precious thing that we have and it shouldn’t be wasted on doing things that we don’t enjoy doing if we don’t have to.

In my business, I only offer services that I truly enjoy offering. You know, the things that you can do when you’re super tired and sick but will still have fun because you love it that much?! That’s what I do in my business.

I do what I do because I believe that we should be able to make amazing money while making a huge impact with our gifts and talents. And, I do what I do so that these three people below can have the best life ever.

My Husband, Terrance

He’s basically the entire backbone of all that I do. He’s the one working with me on the late night projects, letting me bounce ideas off of him, and taking photos for clients as I need them…even with my last minute requests. We’ve been married for over 10 years and I’m looking forward to an eternity together.


This little firecracker is everything that I am combined with everything that her dad is. She’s a creative at heart and the most kindest sweetest soul you’ll ever meet. She’s a tell it like it is bundle of sassiness. She’s everything that I would want her to be…just like she is. A girl that knows what she wants and will make it happen.


This little guy here is by far the sweetest, most thoughtful, and best smooth talker ever. Having your first child changes everything and really causes you to shift how you look at the entire world. I’m so thankful that God saw fit to give me a love that I’ve never known and a son who I couldn’t love more even if I really tried to!

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