online course manager

I’m the Online Course Manager for course creators who are truly ready to quit DIY’ing their course creation process, pulling their hair out trying to make all of the techie stuff work like it should, and want someone to help them finally create the successful course that they know that they are meant to have.

Your course can be successful and I’m the girl to help you do it.

here's what i believe to be true about you

you truly know your stuff

You know that the course that you have inside of you or the want that you want to recreate into something even bigger is truly valuable and your audience needs it from you. You feel obligated to get it out there to them and to help them solve their problems in your way.

you're very overwhelmed

If you have to read one more damn set of instructions or watch another tutorial video only to find that you've wasted yet another day, you're tempted to just call it quits. You want to get your course out there without having to play designer or become a techie.

you're ready for a lot more

You're done working so hard and not seeing the results. You've had smaller launches and smaller successes but you're ready for bigger launches, more income, and helping more people. You've put in the work and now you're ready to see the benefits of all of that work.

here's how I can help you with your course

course systems setup

There's a lot of techie things that need to be setup to make sure that your course is delivered and running the way that you want for it to. I help you from start to finish get your course going like it should be.

course launch support

There's a lot that goes on while you're launching your course and it can be very overwhelming to do everything on your own. I offer course launch support so that you have someone there as your right hand woman.

monthly course maintenance

A money-making course will oftentimes need updates to keep things going and I'm there to help you troubleshoot when things don't go as planned and there to keep your course updated for your members as needed.

this is my story

Unlike a lot of accidental entrepreneurs, I always pretty much knew that I would become an entrepreneur. It pretty much runs through my blood. My parents were entrepreneurs so I got to see first-hand what it was like to make up your own rules and run things your way.

When I turned 15, my job in the family business was to keep the website updated and manage the online marketing. If you can imagine, platforms like Instagram didn’t exist and Facebook wasn’t what it is now.

After working with entrepreneurs for so long, I got burnt out not seeing them play to their full potential and watching them consistently hit the same brick walls over and over again.

So, I started working as a virtual assistant thinking that if I could help them internally reach their goals then they would have a better chance of making big things happen in their businesses. And you know what? It worked! I got to help my clients create 6-figure launches of their courses and products. This meant that I was helping them to put their genius out in the world for everyone who needed it to grab.

Now, I specialize in helping entrepreneurs package up their genius into 6-figure courses that transform lives and businesses one module at a time.

why i do what i do...

We all start our businesses for a reason. Whether you were motivated to, desired to, or just stumbled upon being a business owner, there’s a reason why you’re still here doing what you do. Being an entrepreneur and small business owner isn’t easy at all. But, when you have a why that’s greater than the fears and hard times, you know you’re meant to be here.

I love that I get to live out my dreams by helping others make there’s come into fruition. I provide for my family by helping other business owners, like you, to do the same thing. I don’t know what other impact is greater than this when you look at the world of business.

When I’m not helping you chase your dreams and love on your family, you can find me hanging out with my crew. They’re my big why behind everything and one of the main reasons why I do what I do in my business.

My Husband, Terrance

He’s basically the entire backbone of all that I do. He’s the one working with me on the late night projects, letting me bounce ideas off of him, and taking photos for clients as I need them…even with my last minute requests. We’ve been married for over 10 years and I’m looking forward to an eternity together.

My Son, Terrance Jr

This little guy here is by far the sweetest, most thoughtful, and best smooth talker ever. Having your first child changes everything and really causes you to shift how you look at the entire world. I’m so thankful that God saw fit to give me a love that I’ve never known and a son who I couldn’t love more even if I really tried to!

My Daughter, Tamia

This little firecracker is everything that I am combined everything that her dad is. She’s a creative at heart and the most kindest soul you’ll ever meet. She’s a tell it like it is bundle of sassiness. She’s everything that I would want her to be…just like she is. A girl that knows what she wants and will make it happen.


You’ve worked hard to build your course, create the content, and now you’re ready to get it out there. BUT the techie setup is frustrating, overwhelming, and you’re not getting anywhere. What do you do first, what’s next, and how do you take it from just being an idea scribbled in a few notebooks to something that you launch and get out there for those who need it? In the From Idea To Launched guide, I’m giving you the 7 steps that you need to follow to get your course ready to deliver to your members and out there for people to purchase it.