I didn’t get what I wanted…

Until I Decided That It Was Going To Be The Only Option For Where My Business Was Headed And The Life That I Wanted To Be Living.

Hey, I’m Latrisha and I help women entrepreneurs to quit self-sabotaging themselves by charging bottom of the barrel rates for their work and get over their own money BS so that they can demand high-end rates for their work and actually get it!

This Isn’t How Business Is Supposed To Be!

So, Here’s The Real Deal…

I don’t believe that you have to work as a slave girl to make money in your business. That’s why I help women entrepreneurs make $5k months the normal minimum in their business by showing them how to create and sell with ease high-end and irresistible offers that their ideal clients can’t ignore and that they actually enjoy offering. Sounds like what you want, huh?

Yup, So This Means That You Don’t Have To…

Continue to wake up before the sun rises to get client work done because you’ve taken on too much client work and way too many clients just so you’re able to pay the bills

Go to bed at 2am consistently because you have clients who demand so much of your time, don’t respect your boundaries, and you’re not able to get everything done

Charge extremely low rates for your work, probably less than or just about what you’d make at a job for doing the same work, for your services because that’s the “norm”

Work 5-day weeks because that’s the way it’s supposed to be done to be successful

Hey Again, I’m Latrisha Jacobs!​

I work with women entrepreneurs who are finally done (and I mean done…DONE) with undercharging and overworking for the work that they do and the awesomeness that they uniquely provide to their clients.

You’re Not A Damn Employee Who Has A Boss Making The Rules For Her In Her Business And Her Life And You Need To Own That!​

You get to set the rules, your rates, and choose who you want to work with!

When I started my VA business, I took on literally any client that would pay. If they thought I charged too much, I’d give them a “new client special.” I worked from sunup to sundown and oftentimes questioned if working for myself was better than working for someone else.

One day on a sales call with a potential client I decided to triple my rate and the only thing that she said was “When can we start?!” And that was my holy shit and mind-blowing moment!

I was basically like, you mean to tell me that I can (1) work with a client who feels more like a friend, (2) literally charge whatever number pops up in my head, and (3) someone would want to pay me that much for doing work that felt like playtime?

Yup, but to be sure it wasn’t a fluke…I tried it again, and again, and again. And it worked over and over again until I found myself charging 3-5x what I knew most people who offered the same services as I was at the time were charging for their work.

So, I went from working for a 1/3, and sometimes less, of the rate that I was currently charging, doing things the way that my clients wanted them and when they wanted them regardless of my own schedule, and hating my business to making a minimum of $5k per month with less than a handful of clients, charging what I wanted to, and only working with clients that I actually enjoyed.

That’s why after figuring out what really worked to grow a service-based business that you love, I decided it was time for me to start showing other women the way too!

Make $5k+ per month in your business doing exactly what you wanted to do

Only work with clients who you enjoy working with and who pay on-time

Do marketing that you enjoy rather than feeling like it’s another job

Love your business, your life, your work, and your schedule

Well, You Can Have That!