01: Make Today Your Day One

In this first episode of the Be Scared or Get Paid Podcast, we talk about the importance of making today the first day that you decide to do the thing that has been on your heart and mind for far too long. This means that it's time for you to launch the business, make the career change, upgrade your relationship, etc. Whatever it is that you've been thinking about doing, today is the day you do it! This is the pep talk and the kick in the butt that you've been needing.

What We're Covering In This Episode:

  • Why you need to make a decision TODAY about what you’re going to do
  • How indecision is a form of self abuse and the best way to move forward
  • Why it’s okay that sometimes you have to say No

About The Podcast

I created the Be Scared or Get Paid Podcast to document the journey of me building my online cosmetics brand, Latrisha Cosmetics. I wanted a place that I could share the ups, downs, and lessons learned with other entrepreneurs who are trying to build their own online brands and businesses. Also, I wanted to give our customers a look behind the scenes of our brand so that they could feel included in our journey too. On the podcast, we talk all things mindset, motherhood, and entrepreneurship with a few other topics sprinkled in here and there.

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