5 Signs That Will Tell You If You Should Hire A Virtual Assistant

As your business grows you may be wondering how to get help and if you should hire a virtual assistant. Here are 5 reasons why you may be ready. #virtualassistant #asanavstrello #smallbusiness #teambuilding #hiringava #automation #creativeentrepreneurRight now you’re a bit stressed in your business. There’s a lot going on and you have so many things to do. You’re not quite sure if you’re just going through a very busy season or if it’s time for you to really start considering bringing on a new team member. You know that your business has been growing steadily and for the most part, you’ve been keeping your head above water. But, day by day things are getting harder and harder for you to manage on your own. So, you’re asking yourself do you need to hire a virtual assistant or do you just need to push through and get things done?

For most of the people that I talk to about bringing on a virtual assistant, the answer is going to be that it’s time for you to hire a virtual assistant. But, how do you really know when it’s time for you to do that? Well, I’m going to go over five signs that will show up for you and your business that will pretty much tell you that it’s time for you to consider hiring a virtual assistant. If you can identify with any of these five problem areas in your business then it’s probably time for you to bring on someone to your team.

1 | Burning The Midnight Oil Is A Consistent Thing

If you find that you’re consistently putting hours and hours each day into your business without being able to take a break or doing things that you enjoy, it’s time to hire a virtual assistant. While there are definitely going to be some days where you will work more than others, this shouldn’t be a normal thing. If you feel like you’re in a relationship with your computer and your business is running your life, you need to work with a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can help you drastically cut the hours that you’re working down. They’ll take over the things that you don’t want to do, can’t do, or really just shouldn’t be doing.

2 | You’re Constantly Missing Deadlines

If you’re always having to move due dates around or forgetting things that need to be done, you need to hire a virtual assistant. Now while there are definitely other reasons for having to adjust due dates and for missing deadlines, the main reason is usually that you’re not getting things done. You don’t have enough time to accomplish all of the things that are on your plate. When you’re consistently not getting things done, you’re costing yourself revenue and potentially hurting relationships with business partners because you’re not delivering. Not only can working with a virtual assistant help keep you on track by getting you organized, they can also take a lot of the things that you’re planning to do and do them for you.

3 | You Don’t Spend Enough Time Making Money

Typically the first thing that falls short in your business when you get busy is income producing activities. Why? Because you convince yourself that you’re filled with clients and customers and can’t possibly find the time to get anymore. But, when you stop marketing and don’t focus on that area of your business, everything suffers. And, you stop fresh and consistent income from coming into your business on a regular basis. Leave the tasks that don’t directly contribute to your bottom line up to your virtual assistant and you focus on the things that will directly help you make more money and grow your business.

4 | You’ve Noticed A Drop In Your Income

Another side effect of not focusing on making more money in your business is that your income drops. If you lose a client, finish a project, or have a dip in product sales it can really hurt your business. But, what can hurt even more is knowing that you don’t have anything going already to keep cash coming into your business. If you sit down and take a real look at your income, is it where it used to be? Is it where you want for it to be? Again, working with a virtual assistant means that you can focus on the income producing tasks in your business and let them take care of the other things that need to be done.

5 | You Feel Like You Need An Employee

When you look at your to-do list and you think that you need to bring on a new employee, you may want to consider hiring a virtual assistant instead. When you hire an employee, you have so many other headaches that you have to worry about. Things like taxes, office space, and payroll. It’s like to add to your already full plate. When you work with a virtual assistant, there are no surprises. You agree on a set monthly amount of hours and a fee for those hours and that’s it. Your virtual assistant is already trained and can hit the ground running and get to work for you.

Are any of these ringing a bell and really making you think about your business right now? If so, then it’s most likely time for you to hire a virtual assistant. It’s always better to get the team and support that you need now before things get even more overwhelming for you.

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