I was inspired to create Latrisha Cosmetics after wanting to create a beauty line that focused more on enhancing your natural beauty than covering it up. I remember falling in love with makeup when I was a little and snuck into my mom’s purple blush palette and gave my little sister an entire makeup look with just that blush. I believe that makeup is a woman’s unique way to express who she is without having to ever say a word.

My goal is to create products that help you create flawless looks that showcase your beauty and give you the tools to show up as your most confident self in every single situation. When it comes to helping you ignite your inner confidence and badass self, we’ve got you covered from lashes to lip gloss, makeup, and more.

Whether you’re making a quick run to Target, getting ready to binge-watch the latest on Netflix from your couch, showing up in your business ready to conquer the world, or you’re headed out for some fun with your girls or bae, you should show up confidently in your own skin and dominate the room. And, I’m honored that we’re here to help you do just that.

Meet Our CEO | Latrisha

Hey, I'm the one that's  behind all of the yummy smelling lip glosses and insanely fluffy lashes that you can't keep your hands off of. I'm really excited and thankful that you're here right now.

As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur, I'm a huge believer in self-care. Whether you've got five minutes or five hours, taking care of yourself is important on a daily basis. My motto is there's always time for lashes and lip gloss no matter what we're doing.

That's why I really love that I get to create beauty products, like lashes and lip gloss, that help you take time to take care of yourself and express who you are without having to say a word.

While you're hanging out here, make sure to follow along on our Instagram @latrishacosmetics and my personal Instagram account @latrishajacobs for all of the BTS and product sneak peeks.