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There are just so many moving pieces required to running your business online. You’re juggling setting up new software, running old software, marketing your business, and all of the above.

But, the truth is that nothing is working as it should. Your emails are constantly not going out right, your blog isn’t getting updated, you’re missing scheduled dates, payments aren’t going through, social media posts aren’t going out, and your designs look like a two-year-old designed them for you…with a blindfold on and a sippy cup in one hand.

You know that you can’t afford to keep trying to do everything in your business on your own and truly get where you wish to be right now. You need help and not someone you have to handhold to get things done.

step away from the code, close down canva, don't refill that coffee cup and leave everything up to me, I've got this!

here's how I can help your business

technical support

You have systems and tools that you need to make sure are constantly talking to each other and working as one, I can help with that as well to make sure they're doing what you need them to. You shouldn't have to spend time playing around with systems to make your business work. I can take over the tech.

graphic design

You have designs that need to be created on a weekly basis for your different website pages, landing pages, marketing graphics and materials, course materials, digital products, etc. so that you're always branded and marketing. I take over your design needs so that you don't have to play in Canva anymore.

social media

When it comes to spending time engaging on Instagram, repinning on Pinterest, and scrolling Facebook, you've got that covered. But, strategically sharing content on your social media channels, not so much. I help make sure things get scheduled so that you're constantly getting your biz out there.

launch support

No matter if you're launching your new business or launching a new product, service, or program I can help you from start to finish with launching your project and getting things going. From setting up the technical backend of things to making sure that you're designs are done for every aspect, I've got you.

what you need to know...

about how we can work together in your business

  • I'm not just an order taker on your team, I work with a strategy first approach to everything that we do to make sure we're focusing on the right things to grow your business and get the results that you want
  • It's time for you to focus on growing your impact and influence so that you can grow your business to the next level starting now

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what my clients have to say

Since working with Latrisha two big things have changed with my social media. I now have a plan and I have real data to go off of to figure out what works.

Before working with Latrisha I had no plan with social media. I would randomly post, pretty much only when I was getting ready to launch a product. Plus I was only focusing on one social media channel because I was just one person trying to do everything in my business myself.

Now since I’ve been working with Latrisha, she has put together the plan and implemented that plan. Each week she puts together my social media and I just review it. Things show up in my social media now and they are exactly what I would do, but I didn’t actually do it. Latrisha has gotten to know me and my business and knows the things that are important to me and my followers.

Now about the data. Before working with Latrisha I had no clue what my data was. What types of posts gained more engagement and more traffic? I was clueless. Latrisha has dug in and found all that data for me and uses that to help create my social media calendar.

I really had no game plan for social media before working with Latrisha. Now she has done all the research to figure out what the game plan should be and implements it all.


Latrisha has been a lifesaver. The benefits of working with Latrisha has given me time back in my personal life and in my business. I’m growing my online community and my email list with ease.

I get new leads daily because of the support Latrisha provides. I’m able to focus on what I do best and leave the techie stuff to Latrisha.

Before Latrisha, my social media posts and emails would go out late and I dreaded posting and connecting everything together. That’s no longer my reality now that I have Latrisha on my team. Now, I get to promote my course without dreading that something is broken or that I have to do more work. Latrisha does all of the backend with so much ease. I’m always telling her “See, that’s why you get all of the big bucks!”

I no longer have to work on weekends, thank you Latrisha! I’ve quadrupled my sales and I’m more productive now that I only have to do the things I’m good at and that I enjoy doing thanks to Latrisha. I have people joining my course on a daily basis and this is so exciting. Who knew that making money could be so easy?

If you’re questioning whether or not to work with Latrisha, I’ll be happy to talk with you about it. I say jump on board before she’s totally booked if she isn’t already, you won’t be disappointed.


Working with Latrisha has been such a great investment for my business. She is so pleasant and makes my life so much easier!

The work that she does for me takes a tremendous amount of pressure off when I know that she is helping me to complete the tasks I need to get done so that I can get my other projects done.

I love how detailed she is and I can tell that she puts a lot of effort and love into the work that she does for you.

I truly appreciate it, and her! I don’t know what I would do without her and every day I see more and more that I needed her more than I ever thought.


Deciding to work with Latrisha was THE BEST DECISION that I’ve made for my business in a long time. She has a way of taking the ideas that are in your head and make them come to life right before your eyes. 

Things weren’t always this way though. Before working with Latrisha I was confused and not attracting any of the clients that I wanted and I felt as though I was blending in with everyone else which isn’t a good thing.

Once we started working together, I finally had a brand that I felt confident with putting out there. No more ugly graphics and a bazillion colors were being used in my marketing so it made it easy for people to find and remember who I was!

Now, I’m attracting clients like crazy. I’ve booked out my 1:1 services and now I’m having to bring on a team. This is the new normal for me in my business.


Before working with Latrisha, I had a lot of ideas and dreams about what I wanted to create and make happen in my business but I wasn’t able to get anything that I wanted to actually happen for me and I felt stuck.

When I began working with Latrisha, we first got clear on exactly what I wanted and how I wanted that to show up in not only my business but in my life as well.

The first thing we did was get clear on what I wanted to happen in my business and life so that I could stop doing things that I didn’t want to do and the things that weren’t working but sucking up my time.

Today, my business looks completely different. I’m clear on what I offer, who it’s for, and I have a brand that attracts my ideal clients and repels the ones that I don’t want to work with.

I would highly recommend working with Latrisha if you’re done spinning your wheels and you want to truly ramp up your business, get clients, and increase your confidence in what you do.


Latrisha is amazing at telling it like it is and giving me a much-needed kick in the booty to believe in myself and put my plans into action.

Before working with Latrisha I had so many ideas and plans, but I was too scared to take action. With her help and coaching, she’s completely shifted my mindset and self-confidence and it’s transformed my business and led me to pursue things I never thought possible.

Without Latrisha, I wouldn’t be on my way to building a six-figure business. I would still be writing about my dreams in my favorite notebook. If you’re ready to ditch the dreaming and start building the business of your dreams, Latrisha is the one you NEED in your corner.


Latrisha is hands-down one of the greatest coaches for female entrepreneurs out there! Her “no bullshit” attitude forces you to take ACTION on your goals immediately.

One of the things I love most about Latrisha is her ability to think outside of the box. Her business savvy and unique perspective on launching and refining your business goals truly does set you up for success from the start.

After speaking with Latrisha, my mind is always racing with new ideas and I am left thinking “Why can’t I?” Latrisha has made that possible for me by giving me the confidence to see that my unique skill set has the potential to not only enhance my bottom line but change the lives of other female entrepreneurs in the process.

I can’t recommend Latrisha enough. She will take you under her wing from the start and won’t stop until she sees you succeed.


Have you ever felt stuck in your business and really needed someone to guide you on the right path? Latrisha has been that person for me in so many ways!

She has helped me break down walls in my business that I didn’t even realize were there. Excuses are not an option with her. She makes you dig deep and re-evaluate your ideas on what you can and can not do in your business.

If your looking for a good kick in the ass to get your business back on track then she is your girl.


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