5 Myths About Working With A Virtual Assistant Demolished

If you’ve been curious about working with a virtual assistant but you’re scared because of some of things you’ve heard, let’s demolish those myths. #virtualassistant #asanavstrello #smallbusiness #teambuilding #hiringava #automation #creativeentrepreneurThere are a lot of fears that come with hiring your very first virtual assistant. Because a virtual assistant is not a traditional team member that you would work with, you most likely have a lot of fears that come with hiring your new team member. But, a lot of what you’re afraid of probably has a lot to do with the different myths that you’ve heard about working with a virtual assistant. Or, your fears could simply just be things that you’ve made up in your own head. Whatever they are and however they got into your head, I want to help you demolish them right now.

Why? Because working with a virtual assistant can transform your business and your life. When you’re able to get your time back, stop dropping the ball, and fall back in love with your business things will change. You’ll see that you’re making more money, getting more of the right things done, and you’re able to truly love what you do again. You get to focus on primarily the things that need to be done by you and only you and allow someone else to work within their zone of genius to help you get your business out there even more.

So, what are the biggest myths about working with a virtual assistant?

Let’s dive into those right now.

Myth #1: I Have To Give Up All of My Information

Truth: You only share the information that your virtual assistant needs to complete the tasks that you assign to them. Also, the information that you share with your virtual assistant is protected via the confidentiality agreement that you sign with them. So, they are not to share any of your trade secrets and business information with anyone unless given written permission by you. When you have to share passwords for accounts with your virtual assistant, you can use a service like LastPass to give them the login information that they without sharing your passwords with them.

Myth #2: I Have To Spend A Lot of Time Training

Truth: The great thing about hiring a virtual assistant is that they already know what they’re doing. Your virtual assistant is trained on a variety of different software and procedures so there’s very little training that needs to be done. You may have to help your virtual assistant understand how you specifically want things done for your business but you won’t have to train them on what to do in the different systems and tools that you use for your business.

Myth #3: It Costs More To Hire A Virtual Assistant

Truth: It’s a lot cheaper to work with a virtual assistant than a traditional employee. With a traditional employee, you have to pay taxes, medical, and other fees. Your virtual assistant is working with you for a set rate that you pay each month and that’s it. You know exactly how much you’re going to pay, when it’s due, and that there are not going to be any surprises. When you have an employee this isn’t always the case and it can definitely fluctuate from month to month.

Myth #4: I Won’t Know What My Virtual Assistant Is Working On

Truth: Your virtual assistant will most likely use a time tracking tool, like Toggl, to keep track of the time that they’re spending working on your business. On either a weekly or monthly basis, you should receive a report that details everything that your virtual assistant has worked on for you. In addition, you should be using a project management system, like Asana, to keep track of what’s being worked on as well. This way you can easily log in and see what’s currently in progress, what’s completed, and so on.

Myth #5: I Don’t Really Have That Much For A Virtual Assistant To Do

Truth: If your business is growing, there’s something that a virtual assistant can help you take off of your plate. Even if you only get someone to help you for a couple of hours each week that’s a couple of hours that you get to focus on other things in your business that need to be done. That time leads to being able to make more money in your business, getting more things done, and definitely shows the need for having a virtual assistant. So, take a look at things that you’re doing all week and circle all of the things that don’t really require you to get them done. Those would be perfect to hand off to a virtual assistant.

I hope that I’ve helped you see through a lot of the myths that people have about working with a virtual assistant. Outside of the fact that they’re not sitting in your office next to you, a virtual assistant can do the same if not more than a typical assistant in your office can. What additional myths have you been believing about working with a virtual assistant?

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